Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Introducing the newest "Toy Block Alpha" by Little Dragon Designs

Calling all alpha addicts!! This alpha is for those of you who liked my original "Toy Block Alpha" or are into anything "heritage"... just check it out!

"Old Toy Block Alpha" at

You probably played with little wooden blocks as a kid... and now you get to play with some again! The soft colours in this set make it absolutely perfect for those new baby layouts to heritage layouts and everything in between. If you like this alpha be sure to check out the original "Toy Block Alpha" which has vibrant and playful colours.

There are 4 complete uppercase alphas & numerals; each block comes in four colours for a total of over 150 individual blocks! This alpha set contains both individual png's and the full "sheets" in case you prefer to cut them out yourself.

All files were created at 300dpi for exceptional quality. This complete alpha set is over 200MB!

*Personal Use Only - SFH/SFO use allowed


Denise aka wererich said...

This is a very cute alpha!

Kitty said...

adorable and such a creative idea!! ;)

Angela said...

wow, you ceate some fantastic Alphas