Saturday, December 13, 2008

Glitter Snowflakes Vol 1 & 2 (Commercial use okay)

Both "Glitter snowflakes Volume 1" and "Glitter snowflakes Volume 2" include 30 unique and wonderfully intricate glitter snowflakes. There are 10 different shapes in each volume.... each snowflake comes in three different colours; Ice-blue, Silver & Champagne. To ensure maximum design potential no drop shadows or bevels have been applied to these snowflakes.

Commercial use is okay - Credit is NOT required, however it is appreciated.

10 - Silver Glitter Snowflakes
10 - Ice Blue Glitter Snowflakes
10 - Champagne Glitter Snowflakes

Glitter Snowflakes Volume 1
From Little Dragon Designs

Glitter Snowflakes Volume 2

From Little Dragon Designs

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